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Thank you for visiting my site! My name is Amy Lewis and I am originally from Illinois, however I've called Maine home for 16 years! I have spent the last 20 years working alongside young adults, in residential treatment, wilderness therapy and more recently as a School Counselor. During the past few years, I have fallen deeply in love with photography. I love creating memorable images which tell a story and make the viewer feel the emotions in the photo. I have taken several courses at the college level in Photography to enhance my skills and knowledge about my favorite art form. When a good friend of ours asked me to take photos of his daughter for her senior pictures, I was instantly hooked - I knew I wanted to pursue photography professionally. Both of my children have also shown an interest in photography (see below)! I am a firm believer in inclusion and equality; everyone is welcome in front of my lens no matter their race, religion, disability, size, sexual orientation or gender identity. When I am not taking photos I enjoy spending time with my two children whether that be biking, camping, skateboarding, hiking, or building with Legos, or visiting a local brewery with my wife, Mandy. In addition, I host a Pop-Culture Podcast and I am also a huge Walt Disney World fanatic (it's a long story!). I also volunteer at our community food pantry. I am a proud member of the Brunswick Downtown Association and try to support local businesses as much as I can!

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I owe a huge thank you to my family and friends for encouraging me to follow my dreams of becoming a photographer. I also owe a huge thank you to my wife, Mandy, who has encouraged me to follow my passion and make it a reality. And to the memory of my sister who taught me the importance of creativity and the power of a memorable photograph.

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