How would you describe your photography style?
This is a really great question, however it's a bit complicated to answer. I would say my true passion is for documentary-style photography where I can capture candid moments, the in-between time (while not necessarily posing) when natural emotions and expressions come out. When people are just being themselves, this will often to lend itself to some of the best photos. That being said, I do enjoy more formal photography as well. Poses can really make all the difference when it comes to the feeling or vibe that a photo gives off.

What is the turn-around time for your photos and how do we get them?
It depends on the number of photos taken, as well as the time of year, but in general my clients can expect to receive their edited photos in 5-7 business days. You will be able to access your photos by signing in on my website with your email address and a password that I will give you. You will then also be able to easily order prints from my preferred online photo lab, Mpix.

What time of day do you take photos?
Some of the best times of the day for photos is late morning and later in the evening before sunset. I absolutely love the light at "Golden Hour" (the hour before sunset) as it's not too harsh and flattering for portraits. That being said, pictures can really be taken at any time of the day, but late mornings and later evenings are always ideal!

Do you work with young children or children who have difficulty with having their picture taken?
Yes and yes! As a parent of two children with some unique needs, I can certainly empathize with being worried about taking photos of children. Not to worry though, I am patient, realistic, and I will work with you and your family to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has fun taking pictures! I am a former educator so that also helps me connect with kids. I feel just as comfortable around kids of all ages and needs as I do around adults.

Do you photograph weddings?
The short answer is yes! The longer answer is, while I primarily focus on capturing photos of families, children, couples, etc. I would welcome the opportunity to photograph small weddings (meaning less than 30 people). Elopements at court houses, vowel renewals, etc. are also something I would love photograph! Couples who are looking for something on a smaller scale and more casual, please reach out!

Where do you typically take photos?
Maine provides us with such a plethora of wonderful backdrops for photos. First and foremost, I do love outdoor photography and the natural light it provides. I have taken photos of individuals, couples and families at Bowdoin College, outside or inside their home, wooded trails, even a local school (you'd never know we were at a school!) and a multitude of other places. The ocean, beaches and state parks are also a great spot. Some specific locations I have shot at include: Reid State Park, Simpson's Point, Wolfe's Neck State Park and the Brunswick Town Commons. Further, I like to incorporate architectural or unique elements (i.e. stained glass, murals, ivy, flowers) into the background to add visual interest. I am constantly on the lookout for creative locations for photo shoots! I am also open to suggestions (i.e. is there a special location that has a lot of significance to you or your family?). I want my clients to feel good about where we are taking the pictures.

How are you able to travel for photo sessions?
I live in Brunswick, Maine and my radius is 25 miles in either direction from my home base. I am willing to travel farther away, as my schedule allows, however I will require an additional charge for travel expenses that aligns with the current IRS rate.

Can you tell me more about how payment works?
Absolutely! I require a deposit to help secure your spot on my schedule. I will send you an invoice which can you can then pay online with a credit or debit card, for both the deposit and remaining balance. If you order prints through my site, you will pay right away via credit or debit card. Your purchase of prints and other photo gifts through my site, provided through an excellent photo lab called Mpix, helps to benefit my small business.

How do I schedule a photo session with you?
Please use the "contact me" tab or email me: [email protected] and we will set up a time for a photo session. When we are about 2-3 weeks out from the shoot, we will do a consultation. During this call , we can get to know each other better and I will get a better sense of what you/your family is like. We can also discuss what you are hoping to get out of our photography session!

Will you use the photos for any promotional materials?
Unless requested otherwise, I typically use the photos I have taken of individuals/couples/families, etc. on my website and advertising materials and social media for business purposes. It is important that prospective clients see my most recent work and I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to share it! That being said, I will never share any identifying information (i.e. names, address of shoot if private residence, etc.). Please let me know if you have any questions!

Do you have insurance?
As a matter of fact, I do! I have liability insurance and equipment insurance. If you need to see any information about that, please let me know!

Let's connect!
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