In previous posts and on my instagram account, I have mentioned on more than one occasion how grateful I am to not only be a small business owner, but also to be a part of my local chamber of commerce, if you will, in the form of the Brunswick Downtown Association. I have been a part of this wonderful organization for the past several years and it has allowed me to meet and connect with so many like-minded, encouraging, and inspiring people. I participate in many of the art walks as a business owner and likewise, we attend a lot of events put on by the BDA as a family. I have kept meaning to get to an annual meeting of the BDA, but it keeps falling on a date where I have a conflict. Thankfully this year, this was not the case! I got to attend and photograph the event, held at Wild Oats - the beloved bakery, deli, coffee shop, and so much more, located in Brunswick. The event was well-orchestrated and it was quite apparent how passionate business owners are about operating in Brunswick - the best community in Maine!