Two board members at a summer camp in Phippsburg smile at a crowd during their annual fundraiser.
A Bride and Groom throw up their arms in celebration during their wedding ceremony.
A couple celebrates retirement during an event celebrating a mental health agency.
A new bride goes in to kiss her groom during the couple's first dance at their reception.
A young woman speaks passionately during a mental health event in Portland, Maine.
A beautiful floral centerpiece is showcased in Phippsburg, Maine.
A band jams out during an event at a summer school in Phippsburg, Maine.
A overview look at a special event in Portland, Maine.
The head chair of the board of a summer camp in Maine smiles during their annual fundraiser event.
Two individuals arrive at a mental health awareness event in Portland, Maine.
A bride and groom kiss for the first time during their wedding ceremony.
Two couples celebrate a retirement and pose for a group photo.
A small band entertains the crowd at an event.
A speaker engages an audience during an event in Portland, Maine.
Two people dancing during the entertainment portion of an event.

Weddings & Elopement Pricing Information


4 hours of wedding day photography coverage with 1 photographer. Online gallery of all high-resolution, print-ready, edited images delivered within 30-45 days of the ceremony. Includes engagement session. Includes an 11 x 14 photo album with 20 images.



6 hours of wedding day photography coverage with 1 photographer. Online gallery of all high-resolution, print-ready, edited images delivered within 30-45 days of the ceremony. Includes engagement session. Includes an 11 x 14 album with 35 images.



8 hours of wedding day photography coverage (candid & posed) by 1 photographer. Online gallery of all high-resolution, print-ready, edited images delivered in 30-45 days. Includes engagement session, 3-5 minute highlight video & 11 x 14 album w/50 images.


**Please note: in order to confirm your wedding date, a non-refundable retainer of 25% of the overall cost is due at booking/signing of contract.**

Above prices do not include Maine State sales tax (5.5%).

A la carte items - can be purchased with any of the above wedding packages only:

  • Highlight film: 2 to 5 minute video of highlights from the wedding day. Video will include visual clips with an instrumental music overlay. Please note that photography will be my main priority of the day, but I am able to capture video clips as well. Highlight videos are included with all 8 hour wedding day packages. $375.
  • Additional hour of photography: this can be helpful if you would like a bachelor/bachelorette party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, post-wedding brunch, etc. captured in addition to the main event! $425/hour

This is a brief video where I outline my approach to wedding photography and my business. If you've read my blog post about how to select a wedding photographer than you may be familiar with this. Either way, I hope you find the information helpful!

FAQ about weddings and small events

How would you describe your wedding photography style?

Photography is certainly subjective, however, if I needed to desribe my style when it comes to wedding (and other genres) I would say it is more documentary-style and candid in nature. I really love to help couples tell their story and I think the best way to do that is through natural photography. I never want photos to feel "forced" or "un-natural." I want people to look at their photos and remember how these moments in their life really felt and what they actually looked like.

How you would describe your ideal wedding photography client(s)?

My ideal wedding photography clients are couples who are looking to keep things simple. They are not looking for a complicated setup, with several photographers and videographers present on their wedding day. They are looking for someone who is warm, friendly, and fun, but also a person that is not going to be distracting or taking away from the day. They are looking for someone who is not only focused on themselves as the couple, but also focused on their friends and family. I am a former School Counselor so I love connecting with couples first and foremost, but I also place a lot of value on getting to know a couple's friends and family. The more rapport and trust we all have, the better the photos! Finally, because I am a solo photographer, my services are best provided for weddings that are on the smaller side (ideally less than 50 people).

What does the process of working with you look like?

First, we will have an initial contact (phone call, video chat, meeting in person, etc.) to get to know each other a little and to see if we would be a good match. If all parties are in agreement that we should move forward, I will send you a contract (reviewable and signable online) as well as an invoice for a non-refundable retainer to hold your date/time (typically that will be about 25% of the total cost of the photo services). We will then meet again (in person, on the phone or video call) to start the planning process to make sure we iron out all of the details. All of my packages include an engagement session so we will do this within a timeframe that works for you all as a couple and that will also allow you to use the images for save the date cards (if desired). I will be in communication as the date approaches to review timelines, any changes to the itinerary, etc. Finally, we will be in touch a few days/weeks out from the big day to make sure we are on the same page!

FAQ continued..

How does payment & booking work?

The first payment will be a non-refundable retainer to hold your date and time for your special day! The remaining balance will be broken up into three other payments, spread out between the date of the first invoice and before the wedding. The remaining balance must be paid 2 weeks prior to the wedding. This will all be outlined on the wedding contract. Couples can certainly pay more up front if they would like or we can spread out the payments more if that helps with budgetary constraints.

Do you travel? Are their fees?

There are no travel fees if the wedding (and/or reception) venue is within 75 miles of my home base in Brunswick, ME. However, anything over that will be charged at the current DOT rate for mileage, round trip. If travel accommodations are needed for me to be able to cover the event, additional fees will be charged as well. Again, this will all be outlined in the contract and invoice(s) so there are no surprises!

When will we receive our photos and what is included?

You will receive all of your edited, print-ready and high-resolution images within 45 - 60 days of your special day! You retain all downloading and print rights with your images. You DO NOT need to pay any additional fees to download your photos and you are not required to order prints, or wall art through me. You can if you would like to, but you are not required to do so. I also include a signature 11 x 14 album with all of my packages! I like to make things as simple as possible! In general, you can expect to receive about 50-75 photos per hour of coverage.

FAQ continued...

Do you offer second photographer services?

Due to my busy schedule both as a business owner and as a parent, I am not able to coordinate services with a second photographer. If you are looking for more extensive photo coverage for your wedding, then I may not be the best fit for you and that is okay! You have to do what makes sense for your wedding!

What makes you different from other wedding photographers or photographers in general?

I really am a big believer in community over competition, however, if you are looking for what sets me apart, I will try my best to answer that question. First, I really pride myself on being transparent. What you see is what you get. I don't hide any fees, require you to pay a lot of money for prints or wall art that you may not may not really want at this point in time, etc. Also, I try to keep my style somewhat timeless so that your images don't look dated in 5 years. I base my photos and style off of emotions, the vibe I am getting from people, etc. not what the latest trend is on social media. I want you to love your photos and I want your Grandma to love the photos, too. Further, I am a parent to two children with significant needs and I am a former educator so I have a lot of patience and empathy, and I genuinely enjoy meeting people and building relationships. Finally, if you have spent some time on my website you may have noticed that I shoot several different genres of photos - that's because I not only love photography in general, but it also keeps my eyes fresh, and there is actually a lot of overlap with genres. A good wedding photographer knows how to work with families, children, take landscape photos, take product photos (i.e. place settings), etc. I have found all of my photography experience to be helpful!

What are your feelings on diverse couples or complicated family situations?

Everyone is welcome in front of my lens! I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community, I married my wife Mandy in June of 2013 so inclusivity is important to me. No matter your size, disability, sexual or gender identity, race, or religion, I will work with you with open arms! Regarding families or tough situations, one part of our consultation will include discussions about any challenging situations. If there are family members who don't get along very well or who shouldn't be photographed together, please let me know. I will do whatever I can to help make sure everyone feels comfortable and welcome. I had to have some discussions with my wedding photographer before I got married for the same reason.

Are you looking for a venue to hold your wedding or event at? Please check out my blog posts on venues located in Southern Maine. These include videos and photos from each of the venues! More venues will be added in the future!

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