How do I decide when to schedule a photo shoot?

I am so glad you asked! Now that spring is almost here in Maine, I know a lot of people are trying to determine when the best time is for them to schedule photos, especially those that will be taken outside. Two resources I utilize a lot when booking clients are the sunrise/sunset schedule and the tide schedule (if the shoot is slated to be by the ocean). One of the very best times to take photos is about an hour or so before sunset. It creates the most flattering light for people, there isn't much glare off of the water (if applicable), and you don't have to hunt for shade to get even light in your photos. You can find more information about sunset and sunrise times in Maine here: The first hour or two after the sun comes up is also a good time for photos, especially if you have children that are up early (my family would fall into this category!). My preference and recommendation though is the hour or two before sunset also commonly referred to as "Golden Hour." About half of the people I photograph ask to have it done by the ocean, which is always an excellent choice! Sometimes mid-day shoots by the ocean can work if there are decent patches of shade. Another good reference for determining time would be to refer to the tide schedule which you can find here: On this website you can click on the area of the ocean at or near where you are hoping to have photos done. In some instances, if the tide is going out or coming in, your photos may not be severely impacted. However, the exact opposite can also be true. If the beach you are wanting to do photos at doesn't have a huge sandy area, you may want to wait until low tide otherwise you may show up with nowhere to stand/walk/play for photos. Or if you go during low tide, you may find yourself surrounded by mud flats which isn't ideal for a backdrop (i.e. Winslow Park in Freeport). Whatever time you are looking to have photos done, there are a plethora of resources to help you decide, including your friendly photographer aka me! Ready to book a session? You can do that right here: