As a mother and a photographer, I must admit that I absolutely love doing in-home newborn sessions.

I often find myself thinking back to when my mom was a new mother and how different photography was back then (the early 1980s). At that time, often when a couple was expecting or just welcomed a baby into their family, there weren't many options for professional photography. Flash forward a few decades and more and more families are opting to have in-home photo sessions done after the birth of their child and I absolutely love that! What better way to capture this moment in time than through the power of photography? Here are a few suggestions for how to best prep for this intimate and meaningful photo session.

  • Book your photo session in advance. The best time for newborn photo sessions is within about 2 weeks of the birth of your baby. Depending on the time of year, the farther in advance you can set this up, the better, to help ensure you are getting photos done within the desired time frame. Fall for example, is a very busy time for a vast majority of portrait/family photographers, especially in colder climates! If you are interested in booking a newborn session you can contact me here. Also, the best time for in-home newborn sessions is during daylight hours when your home gets the best natural light.
  • Try to keep your baby awake prior to the photo session if at all possible (ideally for an hour or longer if possible). This will help increase the likelihood of getting photos where your little one is sleeping and is in a calmer mood. Is there anything more precious than a baby sleeping?
  • Change your baby's diaper prior to the photo session. Changing this in advance helps to prevent disruption during the photo session, especially since getting changed is not something that a lot of babies are fans of!
  • Decide what you would like your newborn to wear, if desired, prior to the session. Some parents like their baby to have an outfit or two to wear during the session, and others want their bundle of joy to not be wearing any clothes - it is completely up to you and your comfort level/preference for this. We can also do a combination of both!
  • Try to feed your baby before the photo session - this will help decrease the chances of your little one getting hungry and upset during the photo session. Keep in mind though that if your little one needs to be fed during the session, this is always welcomed! This is why I always suggest that newborn sessions are at least 1 hour in length - it gives us time to adjust if needed!
  • Clothing & wardrobe ideas: Just like with all of my photo sessions, I always encourage people to wear what they feel comfortable in and feels like "them." That being said, if you are wanting some suggestions for what color palette to consider for your newborn photo session, I would encourage you to consider wearing neutral and pastel colors. These colors create a calming and non-distracting vibe. Please see the photo below for some color inspiration! Also, wear something that you feel comfortable wearing standing up, sitting, and laying down in (it also may not hurt to have a backup outfit option handy in case your baby has an accident) Also, if you are someone who often has your nails painted - consider doing that just prior to our session or removing any older nail polish. We will be taking a lot of close up photos of hands and nails and parents may not like how photos look with chipped nails, nails longer than usual, etc. Sounds kind of silly but it can look distracting in photos.
  • Accessories: if you have any favorite baby blankets, stuffies, knitted hats, etc. that you want to include, please do so! Just keep them handy!
  • In your home: If possible and have time, please try to tidy up the spaces where we will be taking photos (most commonly used spaces include - the nursery, the primary bedroom, and the living room/family room). The less clutter, the better the photos! Also, please open up any blinds or curtains to help let in as much light as possible and will help prevent uneven shadows in photos. If you have energetic pets, consider finding a spot for them during the photo session if you think they may be disruptive or may make the baby upset. I am a dog and cat lover (I used to have two dogs and a cat, all at once!) so don't worry about that, but if you think a dog may bark loudly or be distracting for example, please consider a backup plan for where they can hang out during the session.
  • Finally, enjoy this special time and this photo session. Don't apologize if your house isn't perfect or if your baby gets upset for a little bit. I am a Mom, too, and I know that this time flies by. Everyone says that, but it's true! Sit back and enjoy the session!

Would you like to have your parenthood journey captured?

From maternity sessions to newborn sessions, I love helping families tell their story through the power of photography. Please fill in the contact information if you are interested in a maternity or newborn session (or both!) and I will get back to you within 24 hours. *If you don't hear from me right away, please check your spam folder.*