What a great question!

I am periodically asked by families, couples, professionals, etc. about what they should wear for their photo sessions. There is a multitude of different answers to this question, but one reoccurring theme always comes to mind - wear what you feel like "yourself" in. Whether it's for a headshot, a family photo shoot at the beach, or a backyard family reunion photoshoot, when you feel like yourself, that will show through in the photos. For example, if you are wearing an outfit that is not your typical style, is matching everyone when you didn't really want to match in the first place, that may all lead to an undertone of discomfort. And likewise, if younger children are a part of the photo shoot, dressing them in clothes that make them feel uncomfortable (i.e. itchy sweater) or corduroy pants on a hot summer day, shoes that are stiff and not broken in, they may feel overwhelmed and not as flexible when it comes to having fun during the photo shoot. They instead may feel preoccupied with discomfort. However, if you still want your children to dress up a bit (and no judgment here - there is definitely something so classic and just plain nice about dressing up in more formal clothing), maybe you can give them a few options of what to wear instead of just focusing on one select outfit. Options can really work wonders with children! And sometimes adults, too! Maybe include the kids or your significant other when planning out outfits - what do we want to wear? Should we all wear similar colors? Should we all wear different colors? Patterns? Should Tommy wear his favorite T-shirt? Emma loves her stuffed dinosaur, if it would help her feel more comfortable during the photo shoot, maybe it's worth allowing her to bring it. See what everyone thinks - if you get some buy-in, that could make all the difference in the vibe of the photo shoot. At the end of the day, there really is no right or wrong answer. What makes sense for one person or group may be the exact opposite for other people. Trust your gut!

I recently updated my headshots and made sure to wear something I was comfortable in. I could have worn some super dressy pants or even a skirt (yikes!) but I opted not to because I am not comfortable in that and I would have felt so unlike myself. The opposite could be true for someone else- perhaps an executive for a major corporation places a high value on looking professional, intelligent, like a leader, etc. and that is accomplished through a sophisticated outfit and hairstyle. Not only is that completely understandable, but there is also absolutely nothing wrong with that. As the saying goes- "You do you." Sure it's a cliché but sometimes there are cliches for a reason!

And, if you would like some advice about what to wear, please let me know! I am happy to help and suggest what I have learned over the years regarding outfits and photography! Also, here is a link to a great website with suggestions for color scheme: https://www.findaphotographer.com/planning-tools/family/color-palettes

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