Jon Bon Jovi (bit of a dated reference, I know!) once said: "You just stay the course, and do what it is that you do, and grow while you're doing it. Eventually it will either come full circle, or at least you'll go to bed at night happy."

For me, I think both of these happened to be recently during a headshot photo session in downtown Bath, Maine. I was contacted by a relatively young realtor (I say young because I am always impressed when younger people jump headfirst into a career path that they are passionate about. I will always admire that) who was in need of some updated headshots. The name sounded familiar but since it is a relatively common name I didn't think too much of it. When we finally met up on a brisk morning in November, I knew right away that our paths had crossed before. Adam, whom I photographed, is a former student/graduate of the high school I used to work at as a School Counselor! Many years have passed since he graduated, but I was so excited to see him again after all of these years! Needless to say, there was an immediate connection and comfort level that I think comes across in his photos. We were able to stop at several spots in downtown Bath both in town and along the water to really showcase that Adam is not only an approachable and friendly realtor (you'll know that immediately when you meet him) but he is also incredibly passionate about working in the community of Bath, Maine. Leaving the field of School Counseling due to the needs of my family was certainly not an easy decision and it was also unexpected. That being said, reconnecting with Adam felt like a bit of a sign for me - a sign that I can still help make a difference, even if in a much different role. Just like I always tried to make everyone feel comfortable, safe and welcome with me in my little office at Lisbon High School, my goal with photography is actually still the same. I know people can often feel vulnerable, self-conscious, and in some cases, obligated to be in front of a camera, but I will always do my best to help make that process as painless as possible and even fun!

Take a look at some wonderful headshots and branding photos of Adam Rodgers. You can learn more about Adam and the agency he represents here.