In addition to family sessions, weddings, events and real estate, I do a lot of headshot sessions. I really enjoy getting to know people whether it's on an individual basis or in a small group. Being a High School Guidance Counselor in a past life, I love learning about my client's career paths. I know for some people, the thought of having their photo taken can feel a little overwhelming so I have compiled some information that I like to share with my clients to help prep them for these photo sessions. Please note that in addition to these tips, I also try to help make my clients feel comfortable during the photo session itself. The more comfortable and at ease people are, the better the images!

Here is a tip sheet that I send out to my clients that I put together.

What should I wear?

I am so glad you asked! I found a great resource that helps to answer this question. Check out this super helpful information put together by Headshots Inc. You can see their detailed article which touches on everything you could ever want to know about dressing for headshots. Check it out here:

Are you looking to book a headshot session?

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