Being able to photograph different genres is awesome! Here is why!

If you've made it to my blog, then you probably know just how much I absolutely love photography - pretty much all genres. I have studied and practiced photography for hundreds, if not thousands of hours and one of very favorite photographers once emphasized how important it is to understand different genres of photography because so many of them overlap. For example, if you are a wedding photographer, being familiar with landscape photography is essential because that will be a big part of your photographs with the couple. You need to understand light, where to place people, what looks good for backdrops, what time of day is best, etc. When I first started getting into photography as a potential career path, a lot of my focus was actually on real estate photography. My goal was to become a real estate photographer, however I found that I also love photographing people so now I get to have the best of both worlds!

Fast forward a few years and now here I am - a full-time photographer and I am absolutely loving it! I get to do what I love and share what I do with other people. Recently, I was able to photograph an Air B and B property in Jefferson, Maine. Here are some of the photos from that shoot. Working with a lot of natural light and wood (wood was everywhere!) isn't always easy, but with the right tools and advanced editing skills, I worked incredibly hard to do this property justice. My goal is to always enhance my subjects, whether that is a person (or a property) but also to stay true to life so as not to misrepresent a place (or a person). I think that philosophy has served me well and really aligns with my values as a photographer. Take a look at the photos and please reach out if you need any real estate photography services!

The exterior of an Air B and B Property in Jefferson, Maine.
A photo of a kitchen and living room at an Air B and B Property in Jefferson, Maine.
Alternative angle of a living room and kitchen at an Air B and B Property in Jefferson, Maine.
A shot of the deck overlooking a lake in Jefferson, Maine.
A bedroom photo at an Air B and B property in Jefferson, Maine.
A shot of the lake front access at an Air B & B Property in Jefferson, Maine.