I feel like I am on a bit of a real estate photography kick right now....

and for a good reason! Real estate photography combines two things that I am passionate about - solid photography and real estate! I often find myself perusing websites like realtor.com and zillow.com when I am having trouble falling asleep or am curious about the home that is for sale around the corner. When an opportunity came up to photograph a beautiful apartment in Topsham, I jumped at the opportunity!

I have actually studied and practiced real estate photography quite extensively. I love the technical side of it as it's quite different than portrait photography (I love portraits as well). I use a technique called "flambient" where I take both ambient and flash photos and blend them in photoshop before putting some last minute touches on each photo in Lightroom (more on that another time). The results are color-accurate and show even lighting (i.e. instead of having a blown out window, with this technique prospective buyers or renters can see what the view is like from the window).

Take a look below at some of the final images as well as a behind-the-scenes video from this fun photo session! Please get in contact with me if you are in need of any real estate photography services!