Located in Portland, Maine on Thompson's Point, the Halo at the Point is an incredible venue to hold your wedding or event at. Between the natural light, rustic architecture, and oceanfront areas, Halo doesn't disappoint and is truly a dream for photographers and couples alike! I had the opportunity to visit here on a bit of a dreary February afternoon, however, I was very impressed by the venue. I had passed by it a ton of times as I frequent the area between the Children's museum and the occasional concert. I always thought to myself what a cool building this must be inside and as it turns out, I was right!

Elena, the Events Coordinator, was kind enough to show me around the facility and helped to answer any questions I had. She pointed out a lot of helpful information about this truly beautiful venue:

  • To help make sure everything runs smoothly, there is an A/V tech on site during events to help make sure any electronic equipment from microphones to speakers are in working order!
  • No additional lighting needs to be brought in as there are beautiful lantern lights illuminating the space. They can be adjusted to any color pattern or settings you would like! In addition, the building receives a ton of beautiful natural light.
  • There are no kitchen facilities on site, however, there is a special entrance for catering companies to access the building and ample space for them to store any culinary delights!
  • There is an accessible restroom right within the facility, and ample multi-stall restrooms just around the corner.
  • Halo at the Point has soundproofing treatment to help with the acoustics during celebrations. This is unique, especially given the rustic nature of the building.
  • Approximately 30 parking spaces are set aside for events held at the Halo at the Point for guests.
  • Couples and their photographer have access to most outside areas at Thompson's Point for photos.
  • The venue has its own bar counter that can be used for events.
  • There are several different areas within the Halo building that can serve as a backdrop for a wedding ceremony and there are additional structures that can be used to accentuate said backdrops.
  • The ceremony space, the dining area, and reception space can all fit within the space at Halo at the Point.
  • There is space located outside where tents can be set up for cocktail hour and catering.

Below are a few images and a video I took of the Halo at the Point.

The Halo at the Point is a picturesque spot to hold a wedding or event.
The interior of Halo at the Point is open and architecturally beautiful.
Halo at the Point has beautiful natural lighting as well as lanterns which provide beautiful lighting for weddings.
Halo at the Point is ideal for weddings and events as it has been soundproofed to help balance out loud sounds.
The murals at Thompson's Point provide a beautiful backdrop for photos!

Outside of the venue are several colorful murals that make great backdrops for photos!

This mural is a perfect backdrop for wedding photos at Halo at the Point!

This is a very beautiful and very Maine mural!

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